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What will I see?

The average underwater visibility in Cayman is 80 feet! There are always thousands of multicolored tropical fish that are tame and will come right up and feed from your hands (If you wish). Larger fish such as Snapper, Grouper, and Tarpon are also never far away. No matter which way you look there is also huge outcroppings of ancient coral heads and soft coral jutting up from the Sea floor.

Do I need any form of certification?

No, Sea Trek requires zero past experience.. the only requirement is the ability to walk and breathe!

How deep do you go?

Our dive goes to a maximum depth of 30 feet.

How long is the actual dive?

The dive time is on average 30 minutes (quite a long time in the diving industry).

How cold is the water?

Water temperature fluctuates in Cayman by about 4 degrees. It is hottest in July/August at approximately 82 degrees and coldest in December/February at approximately 78 degrees.

Are wet suits provided?

No, wetsuites are not provided. However with the average water temperture being 80F there is not much need for one.

Do we need to wear booties/aqua socks?

You are welcome to wear booties/aqua socks however you will be walking on sand. If you don’t mind walking bare foot on the beach then no footwear is not required.

I have prescription glasses, can I wear them?

Yes! You can wear glasses with the helmet on.

If I have an itch on my face how will I scratch it?

You can actually put you hand inside the helmet whilst diving to scratch an itch, cover your mouth if you sneeze, grab your nose to clear your ears etc..

I feel very claustrophobic sometimes does this helmet give persons with claustrophobia problems?

We actually find that the helmet gives an impression of spaciousness. When you are submerged with it on it almost feels as though nothing is there. Our staff deal with people every day that are claustrophobic and are excellent at calming nerves and getting people diving.

I don’t want to dive with a large group, what is the maximum amount of people that Sea Trek caters to per tour?

We take a maximum of 10 persons diving per tour.

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