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Please complete the guest book below to let us know about your experience with SeaTrek. Postings usually go live the same day they are submitted. We welcome your comments as we strive to keep SeaTrek the most exciting and accessible ways to enjoy the amazing underwater world of the Cayman Islands!

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We had great experience with seatrek. The staff was great as was the equipment. We were a group of 6 and had a great time. You don't even need to know how to swim. Highly recommended.

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Ron and Cindy Legg

OMG, what a great experience this adventure was. We booked through Carnival Cruise Lines during the week of 7-1-12, the staff and crew were great, they ensured that you were OK the entire time. I sent an email to our Personal Vacation Planner letting him know how awesome this adventure was and to mention it to other people that are going to the Caymans.

Thank you so much, very professional and I would do it again if ever back in the Caymans.

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Tom & Sharry Johnson

Took this as an excursion from our cruise ship, and both of us really enjoyed the experience (one of us is a certified diver and the other has never dove before). Cayman Seatrek is substantially better than the one on Cozumel which we also went on. Highly recommended for both the dive and the staff.

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Len Cass

I took my 9 nine year old and he loved every minute of it. It was so worth the money. I also loved it. I would of done it a second time if it was available.

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Joanne and Rob Graham

We booked this tour from our cruise line, and we were so glad we did!! When you look at the pictures, you think "wow that looks great" but what you can't imagine is just how *** the water feels, and how really *** it feels to be surrounded by swimming colorful fish, and how soft the white sand feels on your feet. It was a great experience!!! Any nervousness that we had was very quickly replaced by excitement and laughter!!! Try laughing while walking amongst the fish, it's a crazy FUN experience!!!

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Jeff Taylor

Loved it. Wife and I were there 17May12. It was definitely my favorite excursion. Look forward to going back next year with our two kids to enjoy the experience.

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Booked the sea trek through carnival cruise not sure what to expect my husband is not a swimmer and has a tendency to panic underwater, but the guides and the equipment made him feel very comfortable and he enjoyed this adventure so much he wanted to do it again. The crew took great care in everyone and made sure we all had a blast showing us things and bringing the fish to us. It was an experience he will never forget nor will I. And one you can bet we will do again. I will recommend this adventure to everyone I talk to whether they are comfortable with scuba or not.

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Dena Schlee

Awesome excursion!!! My daughter, who was 14 and myself, 44 booked it through Carnival Cruise, this was excellent!!

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Christian Lanctot

It was too windy at the normal site in Dec 2010. Sea trek was at site B where the cruise ships were. My wife and I went on the tour with our fantastic guide. The highlight of the experience was when a stingray passed just by us. Awesome! Based on the videos I've seen, I think site B is better compared to the shipwreck. There isn't a bunch of fish waiting to be fed. It's more authentic.

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