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Guest Book

Please complete the guest book below to let us know about your experience with SeaTrek. Postings usually go live the same day they are submitted. We welcome your comments as we strive to keep SeaTrek the most exciting and accessible ways to enjoy the amazing underwater world of the Cayman Islands!

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Bill and Jennifer

Tremendous adventure. Steve and Miles do a great job of showing you the ropes and managing your trip.I really enjoyed it. It was very exciting for me, shortly upon the swim out to the wreck I spotted this large fish looking for all the world like a shark, a really big fish, then another and then another. I realized this isn't watching TV, I can't just change the channel, but, thought I, I can go along with the program and in all likelihood things will be ok. Well we toured the wreck and swam with lots of fish and I got a kick out of punching the large air bubbles released by Miles. Hundreds of Sergeant Major fish grace your mask and you can touch them but never catch them, they are too quick. In the ocean you have the quick and the dead. The fish prefer not to be dead.

You float along and breathe as normal without a care in the world. Except for those sharks over there.

Well, turns out they were Tarpons!!!

Do it if you get the chance.

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Kim Weldon

On Jan. 28th, we experienced sea trek while on our cruise with carnival conquest. We have never dived so had no idea what to do, but the crew were wonderful. They were fun and this was definitely the highlight of our cruise.but this was great to get your feet wet for diving. WE LOVED IT!!!!!

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Dave and Kafie

As others have said, this was BY FAR the best excursion we have done! We highly recommend it for everyone of all ages! Great instruction and guiding, AWESOME sights and so many fish! We will be back, but we have certification as well in our plans! We are HOOKED! And thanks, MILES!

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Cathy Stewart and Royce Ponessa from Mon

We tried Shipwreck. It was great!!! One of us dives and one of us had only snorkeled. It was a great combination for us to do together. Steve was great! We really enjoyed him. I would suggest this to anyone especially if you have different comfort levels in the water. It was so fun and well worth the cost. Thanks Steve!

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Angel Udelhoven

OMG this was the best thing i did on my cruise! Well worth my money and time! It was a little scary at first but soon i was sitting on the bottom and swimming with the fish!! Great for first timers! I defiantly want to get certified now and do a full dive with a tank.

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Rick R

We went on the 9:30 Helmet dive on January 14 from the Freedom of the Seas. What a hidden secret! This excursion is well worth it and the guides are some of the best you’ll get on any excursion. On my cruise survey form, I rated this very high and suggested that RC push this excursion a little more. Thanks to our guides (girls and guys!) who made it so enjoyable. We’ll be back. My wife did not go but after showing her pictures and the video online, she wants to go next time. Also, the weight of the helmet is unnoticeable under water. Young teens and even younger can easily navigate. One of the people in our group was worried as she is severely claustrophobic but even she said she had no problems whatsoever and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks again SeaTrek!

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Aimee King

What a great excursion! We went on the Helmet Dive Jan 14th, 2010 and had a great time. Michael was a terrific guide! By the way we have a copy of the video for you if you an tell us where to send it. The rest of the staff was great as well. When my daughter decided she didn't want to be down any longer they didn't hesitate to help her back up and then gave her a snorkel so she could watch us from above. Kudos to all the staff. Great way to experience the undersea world for those without time and money to get certified for scuba.

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Lindi & Collin

It was an *** experience. one of us concord a fear and the other was reintroduced to what was forgotten. I have found a new passion for sea life and a great hobby. As a first timer the instruction where not only easy to follow but comforting and thorough. The divers are ***. Special thanks to Steve and our personal gateway to an *** underwater experience, Alexandra. C&L

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David and Karen

From Karen: A great experience. Although I was a first-time diver (I've still never snorkeled), I was easily able to pick up what I needed to know. Plus, you dive with small groups (say, 4 people), each headed by an experienced diver. The shipwreck's story is interesting, and the sights are wonderful. This was definitely one of my favorite activities from my trip.

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